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Senin, 09 Mei 2011

I am Number Four

Number one, number two and number three was dead. Now turn number four. John Smith (Alex Pettyfer) is the number four. He must hide from those who are already eyeing his life. But when John finds love, he did not feel scared anymore. He had to fight back. John Smith no longer willing to live on the run. If should die, John was ready.

Once, there were nine babies from another planet who had fled and were stranded on earth. Nine babies are always escorted by guards them until they are all adults. At that time, nine babies will have a super power and can not be defeated. Until then, it is the duty of the guards to rescue these babies. These babies can only be killed according to their sequence.

Baby number four, who then takes John Smith's identity as it was always living on the run, accompanied by Henri (Timothy Olyphant), his bodyguard. At one point, John came to a town called Paradise. Not unexpectedly, the city is also to introduce John Smith on Sarah Harte (Dianna Agron). When love begins to grow in the hearts of John, a creature from an alien planet is even sure if he would no longer live on the run. How the fate of these four numbers?

Source : http://www.bloggerceria.com/2010/12/i-am-number-four-2011-sinopsis-trailer.html # ixzz1Lv4tEs3k
Informasi :
Genre : Science Fiction/Fantasy, Action, Adaptation
Produser : Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, David Valdes
Sutradara : D.J. Caruso
Penulis Naskah : Al Gough dan Miles Millar
Pemain (cast) : Alex Pettyfer, Timothy Olyphant, Dianna Agron, Kevin Durand, Teresa Palmer, Callan McAuliffe
Plot Summary : I Am Number Four berkisah tentang 9 alien remaja yang melarikan diri sesaat setelah planet mereka, Lorien dihancurkan oleh spesies lain saingan mereka. Salah satu alien tersebut bernama Number Four (Alex Pettyfer) kemudian bersembunyi di bumi dan menyamar sebagai remaja SMU di Paradise, Ohio.

Mediafire : part1 part2 part3  (Password : mediafire4u.com)
Mediafire : part1 part2
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Fileserve : part1 part2 part3
Trailer :

Cari duit lewat internet!!! Cukup diklik ajah.. Monggo silahkan gak usah pikir panjang hehehe

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